Expand your laundry container or roll container!

If you want to expand our containers you have the option of completing them with our accessories. The portfolio ranges from laundry bags to intermediate shelves to our protected switching system.

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Our switching system

Do you want more flexibility when moving your containers? Or prevent a lateral thrust?

The protected switching system from Seewald Transportgeraete GmbH enables two swivel castors to be converted into two fixed castors with a simple movement of the foot. This can be reversed if necessary. Our application video shows you how easy it works.

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Laundry bags & cover hoods

Do you protect your content or the entire laundry container?

We offer laundry bags and cover hoods in two colors: blue and white. They are equipped with toggle locks and are also heat-set, hard-wearing and easy to care for. A logo print or another color is possible on request.

Intermediate shelves

An organized container simplifies the work!

With our intermediate shelves you have the possibility to subdivide and reorganize the laundry- or roll containers. Whether a loose, attachable steel intermediate shelf, a permanently mounted intermediate shelf with plastic, wood or with recyclable plastic. There are many options for our products. We would be happy to advise you and offer you the right intermediate shelf.

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Secure your goods!

The content is constantly on the move, especially with 2 or 3-sided containers, but also with the 4-sided version with swivel-mounted front walls. Secure the content from falling out with our tightening straps. Whether textile straps with elastic rubber, textile straps made of polypropylene or rubber straps, there is a large selection that can be used.

Additional accessories

Complete your laundry container!

Expand your laundry or roll container with additional accessories. With our document frames, you can identify your containers at a glance, while our clothes rail extends the application. The bumper wheels protect both the container and the environment.

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