Hotels & gastronomy

Many people live from tourism. Whether it is in the hotel or catering sector, a lot of textiles are used.

With our laundry containers the usage is flexible. Whether you simply collect dirty laundry that you either want to have ready for collection or transport to your own laundry or deliver clean laundry to the rooms. The advantage is that our containers are equipped to meet your needs. Our Bonn and Bern, which use our 2-in-1 solutions optimally, are suitable for this application, as the two integrated intermediate shelves can simply be folded down to form a front wall. In order to not disturb your guests during their stay in hotels or restuarants, we use smooth-running TPR castors. With these castors, we keep up to date with the current state of development. We are happy to adapt our products to your needs and look forward to hear from you.

Bonn 4.2 Stahlboden WS49405601740B2Z000 Zentralfeststeller, Spannbänder Bern 3.2 Holzboden WWH38506301750B2Z000

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