Roll container

The all-rounders in your company.

Whether in the food industry, in hospitals or in warehouse logistics, our roll containers are optimally adapted to the applications.

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Steel roll container

Our steel roll containers with a robust chassis.

Whether 2-, 3-, 4 or 5-sided: the steel roll containers are very robust thanks to the steel chassis. While the Mainz was designed for the transport of Euro pallets, the Munster offers the option of displaying your goods optimally thanks to angled intermediate shelves, which you can receive as an option.

Mainz 5.0 Stahlboden - S59501350FC059_mit Palette Münster S48001200FC153 mit 2 Zzwischenböden E1625573080786
Köln L 3.0 Kunststoffboden KB3B50101650CS04101 und E1625573499608 Hamburg 5.2.2 KAD5A50101600C2Z201 und E1625573508467

Plastic roll container

The recyclable plastic bottom made of HDPE.

Based on the idea of a recyclable plastic bottom, our Cologne explicitly focuses on the size of the Euronorm boxes with the dimensions 600 x 400 and 600 x 800 mm. The focus of the Hamburg is on securing the goods against unauthorized access.

Accessories & castors

Do you want to get away from the standard? Contact us.

All of our products are based on a plug-in system, which gives you the option of using additional shelves, our protected switching system or castors with a different diameter and a different material.

Seewald Umschaltsystem, Richtungsfeststeller Räder imd Rollen für Transportgeräte

Roll containers & Accessories