We derive from the laundry industry and have adapted our first products based on these needs. In this way, we use our expertise to simplify internal logistics for the service provider industry. Whether a small two-man business or a large industrial laundry, we are happy to help everyone in this sector.

Every company has different challenges, which we can optimally cover with our Basic and Premium models. Whether a chassis in 600 x 720 mm, 600 x 740 mm, 600 x 810 mm or 720 x 810 mm, the choice is yours. Even with the height you have up to six different options. Do you use a laundry container for short transport in the company itself or is it driven directly to the customer in a Sprinter or truck? No problem, we have what you need. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, we will use our strenght in special construction and adapt our products to your needs.

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Products, which are used in this industry