Nestable roll containers

Transport goods, save space
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The choice of materials

A nestable roll container consists of various components. The space-saving roll containers are available as 2, 3, 4 or even 5-sided roll containers. In addition to this feature, our nestable roll containers can be equipped with additional shelves. Do you have the choice between recyclable plastic or high-quality steel?

Plastic bottoms have a closed storage area so that even small parts or very flexible materials can be easily transported. Cleaning the plastic surfaces is also simple and straightforward.

Our steel bottoms and intermediate shelves are more durabel and robust and can withstand tougher conditions. The choice is yours and you can freely configure our nestable roll container so that they are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Regardless of the material, all of our bottoms and intermediate shelves are equipped with spring technology and can therefore be folded back or to the side. The front walls of the containers have either a CT or bolt lock. The latter enables the container to be locked and the goods to be secured (lock not included).

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Nestable anti-theft roll containers

Every now and then you need a little more security so that the goods cannot be stolen by third parties right away. With our nestable anti-theft roll container, you can take good precaution. The 50 x 50 mm mesh prevents the goods from being stolen quickly. In addition, you can lock the nestable roll containers with a lock (lock not included).

The advantage of the nestable anti-theft containers is that if you do not use them, they can be stored in the company to save space. Our anti-theft containers also have the option of equipping the bottom, the intermediate shelves or the roof with plastic or steel bottoms.

Nestable roll containers & accessories