Warehousing and logistics

The area of warehousing and logistics is very diverse and demands many possible applications.

Do you want to transport and lock goods on Euro pallets with our Mainz or would you prefer to bring Euronorm boxes from A to B with our Cologne 3.0 in the sizes 600 x 400 mm & 600 x 800 mm? There are almost no limits to the possibilities. Even the security of goods is guaranteed through the anti-theft container Kiel in your warehouse or during transport.

Nestbarer Rollbehaelter N3A1550KC1Z246 genestet Köln L 3.0 Kunststoffboden KB3B50101650CS04101 und E1625573499608
Münster S48001200FC153 mit 2 Zzwischenböden E1625573080786 Mainz 5.0 Stahlboden - S59501350FC059_mit Palette

A major challenge in warehouses today is the lack of space to stow all the equipment and containers. A nestable roll container is the best solution. Thanks to the spring technology that is integrated in the bottom and the intermediate shelves, sliding the roll containers into one another when empty is not a problem. This saves a lof of space in the warehouse when the roll containers are not in use.
Depending on your needs, you can get the roll and nestable containers with a plastic or steel bottom. We are happy to advise you and look forward to hear from you.

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