Medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals are careful to work as hygienical as possible. This results in a large consumption of laundry and textiles.

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In order to cope with the situation of large laundry and textile consumption, the textiles must be replaced and washed regularly. Whether these textiles are brought to the in-house laundry or to an external service provider, the transport and logistics remain. This is what our Bonn 4.2 is for. The multifunctional talent collects a large amount of work clothes with the dimension 940 x 560 x 1740 mm. Thanks to the smooth-running TPR castors, it can be transported quietly without disturbing colleagues or patients. At the same time, the walls and other laundry containers are protected by the bumper wheels integrated in the chassis. The supplied footboard above the chassis helps the user with easy transport. But not only the transport of dirty laundry can be guaranteed through the Bonn. By folding up the front wall to form two integrated shelves, the clean laundry can be sorted and stacked in the appropriate place.

Bonn 4.2 Stahlboden WS49405601740B2z000 Zentralfeststeller und Spannbänder

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