Laundry container

Our laundry containers can be used for all applications in the field of in-house transport and storage technology and are ideally suited for the transport of large quantities of laundry.

Whether laundry, hospital, hotel or many other areas of application, our laundry containers offer maximum benefit. With permanent availability in our warehouse in Peißenberg, our products are always available at short notice.

Laundry container Basic

Our Basic models of laundry containers are ideally suited for the basic equipment of your company. Our Basic models are available on 3- or 4-sides in different wall heights.

The foldable and swivel-mounted door of the 4-sided variant not only secures your goods in the container, but also makes it easier to fill and unload the laundry container. Even with our Basic-version, there is no need to forego comfort. The chassis comes with Ø 100 mm TPE branded castors and therefore ensures that the laundry container moves smoothly through your company.

Basic I M 3.0 Stahlboden WBS36007201520B00000 Basic I L 4.0 Holzboden WBH46007201730B00000 geklappt Basic I L 4.0 Kunststoffboden WBK46007201730B00000 geöffnet
Premium I S 4.0 Kunststoffboden WPK46007401150B00000 geklappt Premium III XXL 4.0 Stahlboden WPS47208101800B00000 geöffnet Premium II XL 3.0 Holzboden WPH36008101700B00000

Laundry container Premium

At first glance, our Premium models do not differ very much from our Basic models. Both model series have the same components such as the chassis, two side grids, a back wall, and a front wall. However, the side grids, back wall, and front wall of our Premium models have a closer mesh and the structure is much more stable. You have a wider range of different dimensions to choose from. The dimensions of the chassis are 600 x 740 mm, 600 x 810 mm or 720 x 810 mm. The available heights range from 1150 mm to 1800 mm.

Laundry container models with special sizes

If the Basic or Premium laundry container is not enough for you, take a look at our laundry containers Bonn, Bern and Bremen.

The Bonn 4.2 laundry container in particular is mainly used in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes. Thanks to the foldable intermediate shelves, you can use the Bonn laundry container to collect dirty laundry as well as transport clean laundry. A clothes rail is available as an accessory, which is also often used in hotels.

The installed bumper wheels are another special feature. They protect your laundry container on the one hand and the walls of your hallway from damage caused by driving on the other.

In addition to the steel bottom version, all laundry containers can be equipped with a plastic or wooden bottom.

Bern 3.2 Holzboden WWH38506301750B2Z000 Bonn 4.2 Stahlboden WS49405601740B2Z000 Zentralfeststeller, Spannbänder
Seewald Umschaltsystem Richtungsfeststeller

Accessories for laundry- and roll containers

Do you want to expand your laundry container or roll container? Then we have the right accessories for you.

All of our products are based on a modular principle, which means that you can combine various accessories with our laundry containers.

Whether intermediate shelves, our protected switching system, laundry bags, cover hoods or wheels and castors with a different diameter, we have the right accessories in our range.

Wheels & castors for laundry containers

Do you need other castors for your application? We rely on CASCOO brand castors. This not only gives you high-quality castors, but also a large selection of different materials.

Whether castors made of polypropylene, polyamide, elastic or TPR, we have the right wheels and castors for you in our range.

Räder imd Rollen für Transportgeräte

Laundry containers & accessories