Laundry trolleys

All of our laundry trolleys are either made of aluminium and/or steel. A distinction is made here between anodized, not anodized or galvanized (depending on the material). The anodizing process forms a layer on the aluminium that offers the trolley additional protection, especially outside. The great advantage of the aluminium trolley is the weight reduction. In the case of laundry trolley, there are transport trolleys as well as spring-bottom trolley.
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Transport trolleys

The transport trolleys offer a robust transport solution for your goods in the company.

This ensures transport from A to B and longer distances can be bridged. The walls are reinforced by stable edges and floor profiles, as well as by surrounding beads and corner beads. Other options, such as a foldable side panel or lid, depends on the model.

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Spring-bottom trolleys

The spring-bottom trolleys support the employee in operations with ergonomic work.

The vertical, movable floor always places the laundry or the load at the same grip height. The load can be adjusted depending on the application and therefore supports the flexibility in your company and the health of the employees.

Castor arrangement

Take advantage of the different castor arrangements under your transport or spring-mounted trolleys.

You can choose between three different castor arrangements. With the rectangular arrangement, you can choose between four swivel castors or two swivel castors and two fixed castors. A diamond-shaped arrangement is also possible. In addition, the castors can optionally be equipped with brakes.

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Laundry trolleys