Ball trolley

Are you part of a ball sports club or do you want to organize the equipment room in the school?

Our two ball trolleys Kassel and Bochum offer two different types of storage for your balls.

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Ball trolley Kassel

Collect the balls in our Kassel, which enables you to get to the contents through two loading hatch.

On the one hand, the lid can be folded up, and on the other hand, the front wall can also be partially opened and simplifies loading and unloading. Since the Kassel has five sides, it can be used and locked as an anti-theft container. If the ball trolley is not in use, it can be folded up when empty to save space.

Kassel 5.0 Stahlboden BW1040C032 gefaltet Kassel 5.0 Stahlboden BW1040C032 mit Bällen geöffnet
Bochum S56201500FA3ZC053 mit Dachkorb Bochum S56201500FO4ZC153 mit Bällen Tür offen

Ball trolley Bochum

Better organized and well presented.

The ball trolley Bochum enables you to sort and display the content better. The generous amount of space can be used in two different sizes and can therefore be used flexibly for your application. Here, the 5-sided container can be locked and is therefore protected against unauthorized access. The supplied wing door can be swiveled. Optionally, a basket structure can be placed on the Bochum for further storage options.


Would you like other castors under your ball trolley?

No problem – contact us and we will find the optimal solution. Whether Ø 100 mm, Ø 125 or another size, we can help you. This also applies to alternative for the tread.

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