Wheels & castors

There is no movement without wheels or castors.

Our branded wheels and castors come from a single source and are based on technological innovations and progressive design.

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Standard castors

Which castor do we use?

Our laundry containers are equipped with a diameter of 100 mm and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) as standard. Therefore, the laundry container comes directly with smooth-running castors. TPR is odorless, free from plasticizers and silicone, and therefore kind to the skin. Of course, we do not limit ourselves to this, but offer you many more options. Whether it should be a different diameter of the castors or a different material such as polypropylene. Talk to us in order to offer you the castors for the optimal use.

Rolle DIRSPP21WC100P2D2B32 Rolle RFST-100P2D2
Rolle DIRSPP21WC100N2U6B32 Räder imd Rollen für Transportgeräte

Large selection of castors

Whether it is equipment castors for the transport of light to medium-weight devices, industrial and transport device castors with a higher load capacity, heavy-duty castors for demanding applications, stainless steel castors, shopping cart castors, and many other products, there are no limits to the applications. The large portfolio of our partner gives you the opportunity to adapt our products to your needs.