Retirements & nursing homes

Especially in retirement and nursing homes, the focus is on people, which is why we try to make the work of our employees as pleasant as possible.

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To do so, our idea is to make the transport as effective as possible with just a few steps. Both the Bonn 4.2 and the Bern 3.2 can be used optimally for this. With its dimensions of 940 x 560 x 1740 mm and 850 x 630 x 1750 mm, the storage volume is very large, which is completed by the high load capacity of 400 to 500 kg. Since both models come with our 2-in-1 system, both clean and dirty laundry can be transported. By simply folding the front walls to two integrated intermediate shelves, both inserts can be used within seconds. A footboard for better handling and the bumper wheels integrated in the chassis are standard on both models. While the Bern 3.2 comes with a labeling board, the Bonn 4.2 has a clothes rail. It depends on your needs which model would be ideal for you. If you have other areas of application or use, please contact us and we will adapt our laundry containers individually for you.

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